The Research Debate “The pandemic and the right to the city” by Aminreza Iranmanesh and Paria Valizadeh has been published in Versus


The Versus Research Debate by Aminreza Iranmanesh and Paria Valizadeh is based on their Fennia Research Paper Covid-19: magnifying pre-existing urban problems (2022).

Residues of the changes that the global pandemic brought about can still be seen in all dimensions of city life. The mitigation strategies that were employed around the globe had strong spatial manifestations. Notably, states have practiced restricting various aspects of the right to the city.

Existing conflicting possibilities around the globe show varying degrees of moving toward socialism and authoritarianism. Each has the potential to produce changes in urban space and affect the ways urban space is experienced.

The future city is being shaped by the lines we draw today and what we are willing to surrender.

The Research Debate icludes the commentaries What is being normalized? And for whom? by Derek Ruez and Ambivalence amid the pandemic by Simone Tulumello.