Collective editorial on the neoliberal university


  • James Riding Space and Political Agency Research Group/RELATE Centre of Excellence, University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland
  • Kirsi Pauliina Kallio
  • Pegah Behroozi
  • Lawrence D. Berg
  • Alexander Brackebusch
  • Murray Derksen
  • Jodine Ducs
  • Ida Marie Henriksen
  • Edward H. Huijbens
  • Thomas Sætre Jakobsen
  • Michael Jones
  • Heather Magusin
  • Ariele Parker
  • Adriane Peak
  • Noora Pyyry
  • Hilde Refstie
  • Eli Smeplass
  • Hongyang Tao
  • Ragne Øwre Thorshaug


This collective editorial on the neoliberal university follows eight days of strike action at sixty UK universities called by the University and College Union (UCU) in two separate legal disputes, one on pensions and one on pay and working conditions. Anticipating the recent labor strike after previous industrial disputes in 2018 at UK universities, the work included here emanates from two dialogues at the Nordic Geographers Meeting (NGM) in summer 2019, a public meeting called Protest Pub and a conference session on the neoliberal subject and the neoliberal academy. After an opening statement by the editors, this collective endeavor begins with the urgent collaborative action of graduate students and early-career academics and is followed by reflections on life in the neoliberal academy from those involved in the dialogues at the NGM 2019 in Trondheim. Additionally, the editorial introduces the content of the present issue.




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Riding, J., Kallio, K. P., Behroozi, P., Berg, L. D., Brackebusch, A., Derksen, M., Ducs, J., Henriksen, I. M., Huijbens, E. H., Sætre Jakobsen, T., Jones, M., Magusin, H., Parker, A., Peak, A., Pyyry, N., Refstie, H., Smeplass, E., Tao, H., & Thorshaug, R. Øwre. (2019). Collective editorial on the neoliberal university. Fennia - International Journal of Geography, 197(2), 171–182.