The Research Debate “What is the scale of territorial coherence that encourages endogenous governance?” by Kadri Kasemets and Raili Nugin has been published in Versus


The Versus Research Debate by Kadri Kasemets and Raili Nugin is based on their Fennia Research Paper Everyday materialities, territorial bordering, and place-identity defined by recent administrative reform: reactions from Estonian dispersed ruralities (2022).

Since 2017 Estonian municipalities have gone through an administrative-territorial reform. The reform fought against rural shrinking and it's aim was to arrange the municipality management more effectively. Kadri Kasements and Raili Nugin argue that the reform had a big influence on governance and local communities' agency and territorial identity.

The Research Debate includes the commentaries Communities from the local government’s point of view by Andres Rõigas, and Post-reform governance structures by Veiko Sepp.