The Research Debate “Earth and wind in the Anthropocene” by Edward H. Huijbens and Karl Benediktsson has been published in Versus


The Versus Research Debate by Edward H. Huijbens and Karl Benediktsson is based on their Fennia Research Paper Earth, wind and fire: island energy landscapes of the Anthropocene (2021).

When grappling with large-scale or global issues, such as the environmental challenges of the present, it is important to highlight the geographical nuances and place-specific insights. Huijbens & Benediktsson focus on the necessity of the energy transition to tackle climate change, more specifically the development of wind energy. In re-reading old ideas and future aspirations in this context, opportunities exist for envisioning the future differently and create alternatives to grand narratives and fix-all panaceas.

The Research Debate icludes the commentaries Towards inclusive, socially sustainable energy futures by Mark C. J. Stoddart, Place-specificity matters but avoid the local trap! by Henner Busch, and Unsolicited dichotomies by Sven Stremke.